Content Planning

Knowing what to write and when to write it is one of the biggest challenges of content marketing. In many cases you will want a piece of content live on your site 4-6 weeks before your market is talking about it.

We can assist you in identifying the trends and topics your market will be discussing in the future. We do this through keyword research, trend analysis and market research. Once complete we can then give you a representation of what topics your market will be discussing and when.

We will give this to you in an easy to read and easy to follow topic calendar. It’s important to note content marketing like all marketing should be focused on meeting business objectives. So from the outset we focus on these when creating your content plan.

What’s in a Content Plan?

The first part of your content plan will identify what business objectives you want to achieve. Next will be a calendar of topics you need to cover in a particular time to meet these objectives. It will identify what niches, keywords and content  you need to be writing about throughout the year. Having this in place will ensure you know what to write and when to write it.

Benefits of Content Planning

  • Known Objectives
  • Measurable results
  • Identify content areas you missed
  • Plan campaigns ahead of time
  • Know what to write & when to write it